PCHPG Collections

Plateau Culture Heritage Protection Group: Collections from the Tibetan Plateau 2006-2012

These materials were collected by members of the Plateau Cultural Heritage Protection Group (PCHP, formerly the Plateau Music Project) between 2006 and 2011. PCHP trains young people from across the Tibetan Plateau to use mobile digital technologies to collect oral traditions within their communities. These materials are then repatriated back to communities in locally appropriate forms, typically VCDs or DVDs.

In 2011, a partnership between PCHP and the World Oral Literature Project allowed for the hosting of a significant portion of the PCHP archive. The supporting metadata are available in Tibetan, Chinese, and English.

The oral traditions, music and songs listed in this portal have been collected with support from USAID, The Bridge Fund, UNESCO and The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation.

Bkra shis bzang po: Bang smad Lo sar, 2010-2011

Bkra shis bzang po: Bang smad Tibetan Village Summer Picnic, 2011

Bkra shis bzang po: Oral Traditions from Mi nyag-Speaking Tibetan Villages, 2009

'Brug mo rgyal: Dkyil 'khor Tibetan Collection, 2011

Bsod nams dung mtsho: Pa bru Village Collection, 2007

Chen Sihua: Yulong Naxi Collection, 2008

Chos dbyang rdo rje: Zho 'ong dbyis Village Collection, 2009

Gcod pa don 'grub: Dpon ru Village Collection, 2008

G.yu lha: Oral Traditions of Siyuewu Village, 2009-2010

Hu Qianma: Wangjiagou Pumi Collection, 2008-2011

Klu mo skyid's Collection, 2010

Klu mo tshe ring: Dpa' sde Village Tibetan Collection, 2007

Lha mo 'tsho: Dkyil 'khor Bar skor Village (A) Tibetan Collection, 2007

Libu Lakhi: Namuyi Tibetan Collection, 2010

Libu Lakhi: Namuyi Tibetan Ritual Chant Collection, 2009

Limusishiden and Jugui: Mongghul Collection, 2000-2002

Lung rtogs dge 'dzin: Baji Village Namuyi Collection, 2008

Me lha: Ra skor Village Collection, 2007

Rdo rje rgyal: Dkar yol nang Village Collection, 2008

Sgrol dkar skyid: Sitaigou Village Tibetan Collection, 2008

Sgrol ma lha skyid: Tha rgyas Village Tibetan Collection, 2007

Sha bo don 'grub rdo rje and Skal dbang skyid: Ya ri a bsod Collection, 2007

Skal bzang phun tshogs: Nyi shar Village Tibetan Collection, 2008

Snying dkar skyid: Stag rig Oral Literature, 2009

Snying lcags rgyal: Bon skor Village Tibetan Collection, 2010-2011

Tshe ring bsam ’grub: Stong skor Village Tibetan Collection, 2006

Wen Xiangcheng: Lingxi Temple Consecration Ritual, 2009

Wen Xiangcheng: Minhe Mangghuer Collection, 2008

Wen Xiangcheng: Sanchuan Huala, 2008-2010

Wen Xiangcheng: Shuguo Wobo, 2008

Zla ba sgrol ma: Oral Literature of the Sman shad Valley, 2009