Lung rtogs dge 'dzin: Baji Village Namuyi Collection

The World Oral Literature Project is pleased to act as host to the collection of Lung rtogs dge 'dzin, recorded in December 2008. Details of the full collection can be browsed on DSpace@Cambridge by clicking here.

This collection contains five songs (two folk songs and three wedding songs) collected in Baji Village, Lianhe Township, Mianning County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, PR China. All songs are in the Namuyi language.

Collection Details:

Collection: Baji Village Namuyi Collection
Collector: Lung rtogs dge 'dzin
Date(s): 2008
Language(s): Namuyi (Namyi) Tibetan

1. Folk Song 1
The lyrics state, “If there were no yaks on the mountains, the mountains would not be beautiful, and if there were no gentlemen and ladies in the village, the village would not be pleasant.” This song is sung at public festivals and celebratory gatherings.
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2. Folk Song 2
This song is sung while herding on mountains. The lyrics state, "If I sing this song I will be happy. If I don't sing this song I will be sad."
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3. Wedding Song 1
This song is only sung during weddings.
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4. Wedding Song 2
This song is only sung during weddings. The lyrics state, "If the gifts are insufficient the bride's sister will not let her depart with the matchmaker. The bride's mother says a bride without her mother is just like a calf without its mother."
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5. Wedding Song 3
The groom's family sings this song when the bride reaches the groom’s home. The lyrics state, "You brought the bride from far away and we promise to take good care of her."
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