Robert Cancel: Storytelling from Northern Zambia

The World Oral Literature Project is pleased to host the films of Robert Cancel. The films portrays various folk stories from nothern Zambia, from five Bemba-speaking ethnic groups: Bemba, Bisa, Bwile, Lunda and Tabwa. The video material is the basis of a book-length study titled Storytelling in Northern Zambia: Theory, Method, Practice and Other Necessary Fictions (Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2013, in the Oral Literature series, co-sponsored by the World Oral Literature Project). The full collection can be viewed here.

Collection Details:

Collection: Storytelling from Northern Zambia
Collector(s): Robert Cancel
Date(s): 1988-1989
Language(s): Five dialects of the Zambian language Bemba

1. Storytelling from Northern Zambia
Digital video of storytelling performances from five Bemba-speaking groups in Zambia. These include oral narratives, songs, proverbs and other generic snippets.